“Wait Until 20 Years, The Wife Will Be 73 Years And The Husband 53 Years” Kenyans Tell Esther Musila

The public of Kenya reacted strongly on social media when Esther Musila, wife of a famous gospel performer, addressed a critic’s question about whether she would be okay with her son marrying an older woman.

A well-known television network shared her tweet, in which she stated that no one should worry about such matters because her son is meant to be with her and her husband.

She responded, “That’s my future son, not yours, so don’t worry about it.”

The couple has been married for a year, with an age gap of 20 years. This has amused many, as they believe traditionally, the wife should be younger than the husband.

Others have argued that while money can’t buy happiness, a child is essential for a marriage, and the couple should consider having one.