Amount Of Money Waithaka wa Jane Charges For A Single Event

Mugithi performance in Kenya is becoming a serious career upon which those who can manage to play the guitar can rely on, to put a plate of food on the table.

Gone are the days when mugithi musicians were taken as mere jokers who had nothing else to do with their ‘miserable lives’.

With this reality in mind, in recent years we have seen mugithi musicians sprout up and now they are all over our TV and radio airwaves as well as our social media space as they try to grab our attention.

Amount Of Money Waithaka wa Jane Charges For A Single Event

Multiple sources say Waithaka wa Jane charges anything between Sh150,000 and Sh350,000 for a one-night club performance and appearances, the rates tend to drop a little or rise depending on the type of client according to most agency representatives and promoters we spoke to.

“I always perform with my band throughout the week. My set is always a live with a band of about 4 people. Towards the weekend, I tend to raise the rates because the demand for my services is always high,”

John Waithaka Mwangi popularly known as Waithaka Wa Jane was born in a family of 6 boys and 2 girls. He is in his mid 20’s. He is the last born in his family and is commonly known for singing Mugithi articulately making him the next generation of Mugithi. Waithaka was born and raised in Murang’a county, Mathioya subcounty. Waithaka studied up to secondary school level (didn’t complete) after when he left the village and went to Nairobi where he stayed at his brothers place Rwathi Wa Jane back in 2016.

Musical Journey

Waithaka started by playing drum sets before he learned to play one man guitar the Mugithi Style. Waithaka notes that although he learned playing guitar through practice, Pato Wa Gathoni introduced him to playing it. Waithaka Wa Jane is known for singing old school music that many call Ngogoyo. He was inspired by the late Salim Junior. Many people believes he sings exactly like Salim Junior and indeed he is his new version. Out of his 5 brother who are all singers and whom he found in the industry, he is the most known with his mugithi performance playing in matatus, hotels and clubs. His voice is great and he knows alot of music including gospel. His first performance was at Bizraha club.