Meet Chemutai Goin Beautiful Daughters [PHOTOS]

In today’s environment, women are working especially hard to provide for their children and families. Ladies never want their men to do everything for them, but they are always hustling and going the additional mile in life. They are both mothers and professionals.

Chemutai Goin is the country’s well-known media queen. The media queen currently works at Citizen TV as a news reporter. She has impressed our televisions with her exceptional ability to speak both English and Swahili. Chemutai is considered one of the top news reporters in the media industry.

Her stories are primarily about politics and governance, current events, and development journalism.

She is proficient in live reporting, feature story writing and production, editing, public speaking, and event moderating, among other things.

She works as a bilingual reporter both in English and Kiswahili for Kenya’s largest news outlet.


Chemutai Goin is a mother in addition to her busy work. Unlike other media personalities in the country, she normally keeps her children away from social media.

Since she is a women who enjoys private life, very little is known about her husband.

Chemutai Goin is the mother of two gorgeous daughters that resemble her. Chemutai once posted adorable images of her two daughters on her Instagram page.

The public is currently unaware of their identities because she chose to keep them off social media. However, based on the images, Chemutai Goin is blessed with lovely girls.

Chemutai demonstrates to young girls the need of working hard in order to provide for our children. Take a peek at their lovely images.

Keep in mind that Chemutai Goin is among the female artists in Kenya earning hefty salary. According to reports online, her income is at least Ksh 600,000 a month. According to reports online, her net worth is estimated to be around Ksh 30 million.