Eric Omondi Will Charge Ksh.50Million To Reveal His Baby’s Face

Eric Omondi, the well-known comedian and content creator, has playfully announced that he has a special plan for revealing the face of his upcoming daughter. He jokingly stated that it will require a substantial sum of Ksh.50 million for him to unveil her face to the public.

Omondi expressed that he would only consider revealing his daughter’s face if a brand or individual is willing to pay the specified amount. In a lighthearted manner, he mentioned that he kept the figure “low” due to the challenging economic conditions in the country.

“To catch a glimpse of my child’s face, it will cost you a hefty sum of money. If you’re willing to part with Ksh.50 million, I’ll be more than happy to reveal it through a magazine or similar medium,” Omondi humorously remarked.

He acknowledged that some may wonder what makes his daughter so special, as many celebrities openly share their baby’s photos without charge. In response, he quipped, “My child is Eric Omondi’s daughter, and let’s start from there.”

However, Omondi clarified that he wasn’t trying to deceive anyone; it’s simply a playful way to ensure his daughter’s privacy unless the specified amount is met. He also couldn’t help but express his pride in his daughter’s beauty, which he glimpsed during an ultrasound. “She’s a very beautiful child,” he proudly shared.

Eric Omondi and his partner Lynn are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their daughter, and with his comedic style, he’s certainly made a unique announcement about sharing her photo with the world.