Peter Miracle Baby Wife Carol Katrue Hospitalised

Popular Mugithi singer Carol Katrue recently shared concerning updates about her health on social media, revealing that she has been hospitalized. The singer posted photos and videos from the hospital, showing her with a drip on her hand and appearing to be in pain, a departure from her usual cheerful demeanor. However, Katrue did not disclose the specific cause of her illness, leaving fans and well-wishers in suspense about her condition.

Adding to the family’s health challenges, Katrue’s husband, Peter Miracle Baby, who is both a gengetone and Mugithi artist, has been in the hospital since January 16, 2024. Katrue previously shared that Miracle Baby underwent surgery due to ruptured intestines, resulting in the need for a tube to assist with restroom activities for a six-week period.

She further explained that another surgical procedure would be required in the future to reposition the remaining portion of his intestines inside his body. On Tuesday, February 6, Katrue informed their fans that Miracle Baby was scheduled for a third surgery, earnestly requesting prayers for a successful outcome. The couple’s supporters have since rallied behind them, expressing well-wishes for both Carol Katrue and Miracle Baby’s quick recovery.