Shebesh Reveals Money Kidero Paid Her Over the Infamous ‘Ayaya Slap’

Shebesh Reveals Money Kidero Paid Her Over the Infamous ‘Ayaya Slap’

One afternoon, drama unfolds at City Hall, and in the melee, the Governor lands a fast slap on the Woman MP Rachel Shebesh

Shebesh, then known for her aggressive style, had confronted Kidero over county employees’ strike, which had paralyzed operations, over unpaid salaries.

The then Nairobi women representative first addressed the protesting workers outside Kidero’s office before proceeding to the Governor’s chambers to seek an audience with him.

Video footage that went viral on social media, put Shebesh outside the Governor’s office jostling for position.

A short but heated argument ensued after Kidero emerged from his office before he was seen gesticulating and slapping Shebesh, who momentarily staggered before men believed to be her aides steady her.

Kidero then retreated to his office as security personnel intervened.

“Kidero, you have slapped me? You have slapped me Kidero? You have slapped me?” Shebesh was heard crying out. The Governor’s action — was swift.

After the slap, the crowd is seen scampering away. Minutes later, Kidero convened a press conference where he claimed he could not remember slapping anybody.

“As far as I can recollect, I was in my office and I do not remember slapping anybody, all I know is that there was a scuffle at my office,” said Kidero. The 4 pm incident created a buzz online, with most condemning the leaders for the incident.

Talk of Nairobi County and its hosts of controversial Governors.

Currently a CAS, Rachel Shebesh has revealed that Kidero paid her Ksh. 30,000,000 over the slap. Shebesh who was on an interview with Ghetto Radio’s Majimaji and King Kafu says that the payment was an out-of-court settlement with Kidero.

“Kidero alilipa doo mingi sana pesa mingi sana, hawezi repeat… sikutoka hivyo, sikutokanga hivyo… to slap a woman in this country, nowadays there is a precedence… na sijui kama watu wako na doo waweze kulipa…. Alilipa almost Ksh 30 Million,” said Shebesh.

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