Irene Nekesa: Meet Diana Marua’s Nanny Earning Ksh. 100K per Month -

Irene Nekesa: Meet Diana Marua’s Nanny Earning Ksh. 100K per Month

If her statements are any indication, Irene Nekesa, the nanny of Diana Marua, is undoubtedly one of the highest-earning domestic assistants in Kenya.

Irene Nekesa became a member of the Bahati family’s household five years ago, establishing a strong rapport with all members, including Bahati’s children.

Receiving a monthly compensation of Ksh. 100,000 from Bahati and Diana Marua, Irene Nekesa’s employment was a result of Diana Marua’s acknowledgment of her dedication and thoroughness in her duties. Diana Marua, a mother of three, was particularly impressed with Irene’s performance after initially hiring her for laundry services.

“Diana Marua has openly revealed, ‘Irene’s first day as our nanny was outstanding. Her diligence compelled us to retain Irene Nekesa’s services. I cannot imagine parting with her’,” said Marua.

She continued, “‘I told Hila [a friend], these ladies loiter around searching for laundry jobs; find me a lady who can come and do my laundry. That’s how Irene came into the picture. On her first day, she did the laundry and even decorated the house. When I stepped out of the bedroom, I was amazed. Everything was impeccably clean. She surprised me.'”

During an interview with NTV, Irene Nekesa expressed her gratitude towards Bahati and Marua for their exceptional treatment. She shared that the celebrity couple had graciously allowed her to raise her own children within their home.

In the NTV interview, Irene Nekesa also proudly highlighted her substantial monthly salary, comparing it to that of a KDF Major, a high-ranking military officer.

The celebrity nanny ignited a social media frenzy when she disclosed that Marua compensates her with Ksh. 100,000 every month.

Demonstrating her deep appreciation for Irene Nekesa, Diana Marua went a step further earlier this year by gifting her nanny an airline ticket. Via an extensive Facebook post, Marua joyfully shared Irene’s dream-come-true experience of flying.

“Irene Nekesa, my cherished nanny, is one of the most wonderful individuals that fate has brought into my life. She has been with us since my baby @heavenbahati was just 5 months old, and soon she will be turning 5 years old in a matter of weeks. Being nurtured by Irene over these years has provided me/us with immeasurable tranquility and happiness. Everything a mother could hope for in a caregiver. She is an integral part of our lives; she is family.”

She recounted, “Initially a day nanny, her exceptional work ethic led me to hire her as a full-time nanny. When she introduced us to her son Joshua, who was 4 years old and without any care, we welcomed him into our fold as well.”

“One of her wishes was to ‘see an airplane up close.’ So, yesterday, not only did she witness an airplane, but we traveled with her all the way to @malindidreamgarden with my family and her son to enjoy our vacation,” Marua concluded.