Nilizaa na Wewe’: Pastor Nganga Tells His Church Congregants After Being Asked to Help in Form One Fundraising

Renowned for his provocative and frequently headline-grabbing remarks, Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism, has once again stirred controversy by issuing a stern admonition to his congregants against inviting him to fundraisers for their children’s education.

During an undated church service that has captured widespread attention, Ng’ang’a vehemently expressed his disapproval of being approached to contribute money for educational purposes.

“Some people are unreasonable. You’re calling me to attend a fundraiser for your child entering Form One. Do you really expect me to come? Did we become parents together? Return the child to where they came from. Don’t bring such matters to me. Haven’t you realized you should have saved for their education since they were in Class One? Am I supposed to contribute for your child to attend school?” Ng’ang’a exclaimed during the service, underscoring his resolute stance on financial appeals.

This incident is not an isolated occurrence, as Ng’ang’a has previously chastised individuals seeking financial assistance from him. In a viral video from 2020, he rebuked congregants who habitually sought handouts, expressing his reluctance to provide monetary aid.

Ng’ang’a suggested that those in need should seek support from the government for rent and childcare expenses rather than approaching him.

Ng’ang’a’s steadfast opposition to financial appeals extends beyond education-related fundraisers. He has criticized men who neglect to pay dowry for women despite their parents investing in their education.

In one of his impassioned sermons, Ng’ang’a underscored the importance of financial responsibility in marriages, emphasizing the disparity between individuals claiming to be religious and their actions.

“When it comes to marriage, you take other people’s daughters, creating chaos. You don’t want to pay dowry for that girl, and then you come saying ‘Praise the Lord.’ Praise Him for what? You’re just a liar. Inside, you’re an empty bag. The girl has finished school, and you’ve also abandoned your home… now see how things have gone awry. Because even the parents themselves are not practicing worship,” he declared.