“Mimi siwezi Teseka Niko na Wababa Sita , I Pocket Ksh 63k kwa kila Mmoja Every Month” Lady reveals

Throughout history, marriage has been regarded as a sacred covenant between one man and one woman, intended to endure for a lifetime. However, in contemporary society, we encounter a variety of relationships that diverge from this traditional perspective.

A noteworthy illustration of this deviation can be found in the case of Teresia, a 24-year-old woman from Zambia, who has engaged in relationships with multiple benefactors. These benefactors generously finance her opulent way of life. Teresia recently discussed the terms and conditions set by her benefactors during an interview with Pastor Jimmy Kay.

During the interview, she made a compelling argument that no one should be compelled to endure unnecessary suffering. She insinuated that her affiliations with these benefactors have afforded her a life of comfort, free from hardship. According to Teresia, she receives a monthly stipend of Ksh 63,000 from six different benefactors, with the oldest among them being 63 years old. These benefactors tend to her every want, providing for her material needs and desires.

In a rather forthright statement, Teresia conveyed her expectations from potential benefactors, asserting, “Hakuna Mtu, Anataka Kuteseka,” which translates to “Nobody wishes to suffer.” She is steadfast in her belief that her chosen lifestyle merits compensation, and she insists that any prospective benefactor must provide her with a monthly allowance of Ksh 10,000, mirroring her current Ksh 63,000 stipend.

Despite the controversial nature of her relationships and way of life, Teresia continues to embrace the financial support offered by her benefactors, seemingly indifferent to societal norms regarding such arrangements.