Justina Syokau: I Want a Man Who is a Millionaire and Who Can Twa Twa 4 Times Daily .

Justina Syokau remains resolute in her quest to find a life partner who meets her criteria. The renowned Kamba benga and gospel musician, who has been single for nine years, continues her search for a man who embodies the qualities she desires.

In a recent interview with Mwende and Clemo on Radio Maisha, Syokau shared her challenges in finding a suitable partner. She expressed her desire for a man who is financially well-off, physically fit, and capable of satisfying her needs intimately.

Syokau emphasized the importance of compatibility in the bedroom, stating that her ideal partner should excel in that aspect to ensure her complete satisfaction.

Having maintained celibacy since parting ways with her child’s father, Syokau acknowledged the lack of suitable suitors in her life. She admitted that most men who approach her do not meet her standards, particularly those with prominent bellies, which she finds unattractive.

To enhance her physical appeal and attract men who meet her criteria, Syokau disclosed her plans to undergo liposuction to remove excess fat from her abdomen and accentuate her buttocks.

In summary, Justina Syokau remains committed to her search for a partner who possesses both financial stability and physical prowess, believing that such a man will fulfill her desires and expectations.