Mulamwah: I’m A Young Millionaire, I Own 27 Motorbikes and Over 12 Sources Of Income.

When discussing the most astute personalities and digital content creators in Kenya, Mulamwah undoubtedly ranks among the top three. His sharp intellect has played a pivotal role in catapulting him to millionaire status at a remarkably young age.

In a candid sit-down video with his fiancée, Mulamwah revealed insights into his financial journey. Initially earning as a nurse and through content creation, he adopted a savvy strategy of reinvesting his earnings.

His first move was downsizing to a more affordable residence and venturing into the acquisition of motorcycles. Mulamwah disclosed reaching a milestone where he purchased three motorcycles in a single day, a testament to his proactive investment approach.

As of 2024, Mulamwah boasts ownership of 27 motorbikes. For instance, if each motorbike generates a daily revenue of Ksh. 500, the cumulative income could amount to Ksh. 13,500 daily. Emphasizing his millionaire status, Mulamwah cited having over 12 streams of income, aligning with the notion that an average millionaire maintains a diversified portfolio.

His revenue streams include radio appearances, YouTube content, advertisement deals, Skiza tune earnings, as well as undisclosed investments. Remarkably, Mulamwah mentioned being able to sustain himself for over three months without tapping into the income generated from his motorbikes.

Continuing with his prudent financial practices, Mulamwah affirmed his ongoing commitment to investment and financial discipline, underscoring a trajectory of continued growth and success.