Meet Stivo Simple boy,Former Watchman and Class 8 Drop Out, Who is Making Millions of Money From Music

Stephen Otieno Adera, popularly known as Stivo Simple Boy, embodies the concept that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. Originating from a modest upbringing in Homabay, he has now achieved significant financial success through his music career.

Stivo Simple Boy was born in Oyugis, Homabay County, in 1990, and initially pursued his education in Homabay up to class seven. However, his family later relocated to the Kibera Slums in Nairobi, where he completed his primary education but did not proceed to high school.

The decision to drop out of school was prompted by financial constraints, as Stivo’s parents were unable to afford the fees for his secondary education. Additionally, Stivo acknowledged that he was a slow learner and felt that formal education was not his forte.

Following his departure from the academic realm, Stivo embarked on a journey of hustle and resilience. He initially worked as a security personnel for a company but unfortunately faced termination when thieves targeted the organization during his shift.

Undeterred by setbacks, Stivo transitioned to the construction industry, working in the Mjengo field in Kibera for approximately three years before experiencing a breakthrough in his career.

Stivo’s passion for music, cultivated since his youth, became a focal point of his life. Even during his time as a Mjengo worker, he would sing, with his famous song “Mihadharati” being composed during this period. The turning point in his musical journey occurred when he was invited to Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru TV in 2019, leading to the viral success of the “Mihadharati” music video.

Despite facing challenges with his previous management, which allegedly exploited him and left him in poverty despite his fame, Stivo did not give up. A new management team rescued him, providing better support and opportunities. Hit songs like “Freshi Barida” contributed to Stivo’s growing popularity, securing him lucrative deals and numerous performance gigs.

Notably, the Odi Bet deal alone brought him Ksh. 500,000, allowing him to build a house for his parents. In 2022, he continued to thrive, participating in multiple gigs and securing deals that brought in substantial earnings exceeding Ksh. 500,000. Stivo Simple Boy now enjoys a lavish lifestyle and holds a prominent position among the renowned celebrities in Kenya.