“Huyu Ni Simp!” Flaqo Pays His 22 Year Old Lover ksh.60K “Girlfriend Allowance” Monthly

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and their partners to provide glimpses into their lives, often arousing the curiosity and admiration of their followers.

One such instance revolves around the renowned Kenyan comedian, Flaqo, and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Keranta. They recently caught the media’s attention when it was revealed that Keranta receives a significant monthly allowance from her famous beau.

Keranta, herself a content creator, took to her Instagram stories to divulge details about this monthly girlfriend allowance. She offered her followers a peek into her life with Flaqo. In one of her posts, Keranta excitedly asked, “Have you received your girlfriend allowance yet?” Accompanying this query was a screenshot of an M-Pesa message confirming a deposit of 60,000 Kenyan Shillings into her account. Interestingly, she chose to keep the identity of the sender a mystery, leaving her audience intrigued about the generous benefactor.

Keranta’s M-Pesa transaction from FlaqoRecently, as Keranta celebrated her 22nd birthday, Flaqo took the opportunity to surprise her in a grand fashion, capturing the moment in a viral video shared on social media. Flaqo revealed that he had gifted her a brand-new car, and she had no inkling of the special surprise he had in store for her.

Flaqo’s generous and affectionate gestures towards Keranta have not only captivated the attention of their fans but have also ignited discussions regarding the changing dynamics of modern relationships. In an era where financial support and romantic surprises are becoming increasingly common expressions of love and commitment, Flaqo’s actions serve as a noteworthy example.