“Not Dating Again”: Georgina Njenga Responds To Fan Professing Love To Her 

Kenyan content creator Georgina Njenga recently responded to a fan professing their love, making it clear that she is not interested in dating again anytime soon.

During an open Q&A session on her Instagram stories, a fan expressed his feelings for her. Georgina boldly replied that she will not consider dating again unless she receives a sign from God Himself.

“I’m not dating again until God himself comes and sits on my bed and says one of my homeboys wanna talk to you,” she wrote.

This declaration follows a recent post where the Instagram model hinted at a new relationship. In a story spotted by Mideyah Digital, Georgina shared a photo with the caption, “I’m actually obsessed with my man.”

Despite her open admission of being in a new relationship, she has not revealed the identity of her new partner, fueling speculation and curiosity among her followers.

Georgina, a mother of one, recently separated from her ex-boyfriend Tyler Mbaya due to misunderstandings. Despite their breakup, they continue to co-parent their daughter Astra.