Justina Syokau on Expecting Ringtone Child -

Justina Syokau on Expecting Ringtone Child

Controversial female gospel singer, Justina Syokau, has responded to the recent claims that she is expecting a child from artist Ringtone Apoko. In an interview with Eve Mungai, Justina denied any romantic involvement with Ringtone, stating that she had previously confessed her love for him but had later retracted her statements, claiming that she was only interested in his money and house.

According to Justina, the rumors began when she met Ringtone on a talk show on K24 TV. She explained that she had not expected to meet him and was forced to give him an embrace. However, she emphasized that nothing else occurred between them and that she had not even visited his home in Runda.

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Justina also addressed recent reports that she had received a car from a lover, stating that it was actually a gift from her fans abroad. She expressed gratitude for the gift and made fun of Ringtone for thinking that she would accept a cheap vehicle like a Vitz from him.

Ringtone had previously offered to gift Justina a car if she toned down the drama and acted like a gospel artist. He stated that she was out of his league and that adding nyash (a slang term for buttocks) was against his beliefs as a Christian.

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Online DCIs, as is customary, were quick to investigate the true owner of the car Justina had received. Many people noted that the steering wheel was chapped, indicating that the vehicle was used. Justina responded, saying that she received the gift with gratitude and that she did not care whether it was used or new, all that mattered was the thought behind it.

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Justina also revealed that she had walked away from her abusive marriage in 2012 and that there were attempts to reconcile but they all failed as her ex-husband would fall back to his old cheating ways shortly after reconciliation. She stated that this year is her year and that she will be receiving more blessings. She also asked those who donate to her ministry to cover her flights and expressed her desire to perform internationally, which she stated would happen soon.