Joel Rabuku General Ogolla’s Son,Why My dad asked to be buried in 72hrs Without A Coffin

The late Chief of Defense Forces Gen Francis Ogolla, according to his final wishes, is being laid to rest in a makeshift casket valued at Sh6,800, as disclosed by his son Joel Omondi. Contrary to conventional practices, Gen Ogolla preferred to be buried without a traditional coffin.

Omondi expressed, “My father will be placed inside a makeshift casket costing Sh6,800. Tomorrow, we will remove him from the casket, wrap him in sheets, and lay him to rest in the grave, mirroring the burial customs of the figure he deeply admired, Jesus Christ.”

Reflecting on his father’s legacy, Omondi remarked, “His essence and spirit have departed from us. This vessel, which he utilized in serving the nation, has now fulfilled its purpose.”

The burial arrangements, influenced by Gen Ogolla’s personal beliefs, have sparked widespread discussions on social media. Many are contrasting his modest preferences with the extravagant ceremonies often associated with other deceased leaders.

Responding to inquiries regarding Gen Ogolla’s burial preferences, Omondi clarified, “Addressing concerns from social media regarding his faith and burial requisites, let me illustrate. As you are aware, even Jesus Christ, whom my father revered, was interred without grandeur. Tomorrow, my father will be transitioned from his military uniform to simple burial sheets, adhering to his desire for a humble departure.”

In honoring Gen Ogolla’s wishes, Omondi emphasized the simplicity of the burial process, aligning it with the example set by Jesus Christ.