MC Gogo: I Make Upto Ksh.250,000 Per Show.

MC Gogo has risen to become one of Kenya’s most renowned and celebrated hypemen and MCs, particularly in the vibrant club and entertainment scene. His journey to stardom can be traced back to the period of the COVID-19 pandemic when he initially started as a source of entertainment during the lockdown. Gogo’s captivating performances were broadcasted live on various social media platforms, primarily Facebook, providing a much-needed escape for people confined to their homes. This is where his path to fame began.

Following the conclusion of the pandemic, Gogo quickly garnered attention and began receiving invitations to perform at clubs and major entertainment events. The online community was captivated by his infectious energy, and from that point forward, Gogo’s career took off. He even ventured beyond the borders of Kenya, securing opportunities to showcase his remarkable talents internationally.

Remarkably, Gogo holds a degree in Psychology, a facet of his life he disclosed during one of his interviews. Despite his academic background, he chose to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, where he has found significant success. During an interview with SPM Buzz, Gogo openly acknowledged that his talent has proven to be financially rewarding.

Gogo revealed that he typically prefers to negotiate rates directly with clients. However, for a single performance, he can command fees of up to Ksh. 250,000. He also noted that, on occasion, he has the privilege of working with generous promoters who go above and beyond to enhance his compensation due to the exceptional quality of his work.

In addition to his earnings from live events, Gogo has secured a lucrative partnership with TV 47, where he serves as a co-host alongside Willis Raburu. Together, they host the highly popular Wabebe Experience, a weekly show that consistently draws a substantial audience every Friday. This additional venture contributes significantly to Gogo’s financial success, making him a multi-faceted entertainer with a thriving career in both live events and television hosting.