Sexydiva: I make KSh 1.12 Million per Month Dressing 5 Dead Bodies in Belgium

A TikTok revelation from a mortuary attendant named Sexydiva has captivated attention and curiosity across various social media platforms….CONTINUE READING

Hailing from Belgium, Sexydiva shared intriguing insights into her profession, providing a glimpse into the distinctive world of mortuary work. In a TikTok video that later circulated on Facebook, she openly discussed her daily routine, revealing that she dresses around five deceased bodies each day and boasts an impressive monthly income of KSh 1.12 million.

Sexydiva’s candid discussion about the challenges inherent in her job, emphasizing the importance of courage and a pure heart, has struck a chord with viewers. Social media users have praised her for her boldness, strength, and positive spirit. Many have expressed admiration for her openness and have offered words of encouragement in response to her revelations.

Her character has been lauded by some, describing her as human, bold, and possessing a good spirit. What stands out is the revelation that Sexydiva successfully juggles her demanding profession with the role of a mother to nine children, leaving many in awe of her remarkable ability to balance responsibilities.

Despite her significant commitments, Sexydiva continues to thrive in her career and maintains a youthful appearance, further prompting admiration from her audience. Her story serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing resilience, strength, and the ability to navigate both personal and professional spheres with grace.