Mwangi: Kenyan Man Who Owns 160 Brightly Colored Suits, 300 Caps and 200 Pairs of Shoes

James Maina Mwangi, a 60-year-old Kenyan, has gained online notoriety for his unique fashion sense. A resident of Nairobi’s Umoja estate, Mwangi is recognized for his vibrant suits, shoes, and caps, all of which he has matched with identical facemasks amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Breaking away from conventional men’s clothing in shades of black, brown, grey, or deep blue, Mwangi believes that God gave him wisdom to choose colors that make him stand out. In an interview with Reuters, he stated that he wears “numerous colors to be different from everyone else.”

Mwangi boasts a collection of over 200 pairs of shoes, 160 outfits, 300 hats, and facemasks, all of which he wears with consistency. He attributes his signature style to a childhood incident where he was made fun of for wearing only one shirt. Now, he aims to always dress in matching attire.

This jack of all trades considers himself to be the most fashionable man in Africa, if not the world. His pictures showcase his distinctive and colorful wardrobe.