Krg The Don: ” My 11 years Old  Son Spends ksh.50,000 Daily” -

Krg The Don: ” My 11 years Old  Son Spends ksh.50,000 Daily”

Krg the Don, a well-known Kenyan celebrity, musician and entrepreneur, has sparked controversy with his recent online revelations. In an interview with Spm Buzz, he disclosed the daily spending habits of his firstborn son, Neville.

According to Krg, all his children are accustomed to living an extravagant lifestyle. He attributes this to his wealth and ability to provide them with anything they desire. Neville, his eldest son, reportedly spends up to Ksh. 50,000 daily on snacks and other items that catch his fancy at the market or supermarket.

Krg explained that his children’s lifestyle would be unbearable without his financial support. He ensures that all his children are financially stable because of his vast wealth. He also boasted of being the wealthiest Kenyan musician, claiming to own many acres of land that he could distribute to other musicians and still have plenty left.

While some may admire Krg’s generosity towards his children, others may view his statements as insensitive, given the current economic hardships faced by many Kenyans. Regardless of one’s opinion, Krg’s online revelations have certainly stirred up a lot of debate.