Heavily Pregnant Linet Toto Finally Reveals When She Will Give Birth

Linet Chepkorir, popularly known as ‘Toto,’ has shared exciting news about her personal life.The dynamic woman representative has announced the timing of her upcoming delivery, marking a significant milestone in her journey from a young political leader to an expectant mother.

During a recent public meeting, Chepkorir, dressed stylishly, addressed the crowd with her usual eloquence and warmth.

Amid her speech, she revealed, “I will probably disappear from the public scene because I am about to deliver a baby. I was awed by a mother here who said I was young when they voted for me, but now I am older. I have been taken, and I am no longer single. Soon, I would love to change my name from Toto to Mama Toto.”

Her announcement was met with enthusiastic applause and cheers from the audience.

This joyous revelation came as she discussed ongoing projects in Bomet County, emphasizing her commitment to improving the lives of her constituents even as she prepares for this new chapter in her life.

The meeting saw a touching moment when an elderly woman approached Chepkorir with an umbrella to shield her from the sun, staying by her side until she concluded her speech. This gesture highlighted the deep respect and affection the community holds for their representative.

On social media, congratulatory messages poured in from supporters and well-wishers. Comments celebrated her upcoming motherhood and praised her for her growth and fluency in public speaking.