” I Used to Date Multiple  Men for Money” Diana Marua. -

” I Used to Date Multiple  Men for Money” Diana Marua.

Diana Marua recently shared her past struggles in a viral video that has been making rounds on several social media platforms. In the video, Diana opened up about the hardships she faced while growing up, which led her to do whatever it took to make ends meet.

Confident and unapologetic, Bahati’s wife admitted to allegations of prostitution, revealing that she used to date multiple men at the same time for money. She stated that she had a man who paid her rent, another who took care of her shopping, and various others who gave her money.

Money was never an issue for Diana, and she made sure to live a comfortable life. She even joked about her car collection, which often changed whenever she met up with Bahati. Despite her past, Diana has turned her life around and is now a devoted wife and mother.

In a video with Bahati, Diana revealed that she couldn’t recall her body count, but meeting Bahati changed everything for her. The couple has been together for four to five years, has three children together, and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Diana’s story serves as a reminder that one can overcome their past struggles and turn their life around.