Shakilla Says She is the Queen of Gold Diggers, Reveals Her Body Count -

Shakilla Says She is the Queen of Gold Diggers, Reveals Her Body Count

Kenyan socialite Shakilla Tiffany has provided further insights into her personal preferences and romantic experiences. In a recent media interview, the 20-year-old revealed that she has yet to engage in a committed relationship, but she has encountered various romantic entanglements.

Shakilla expressed that her primary objective is to connect with affluent individuals, as she requires financial means to sustain her chosen lifestyle. She openly acknowledged her inclination toward seeking financially well-off partners, acknowledging her recognition as a “gold digger” due to her practice of soliciting financial support from men to cover her expenses.

Known for her unabashed candor regarding her personal life, Shakilla asserted her current status as a street-smart personality and emphasized her decision to postpone considerations of settling down until she reaches around 25 years of age.

When discussing her dating preferences, she voiced her reluctance to date Kenyan men, attributing this stance to her perception of their frugality in providing monetary assistance that aligns with her expectations. She expressed a preference for Nigerian men, citing their perceived ability to treat women well and their prowess in intimate matters.

Regarding her past relationships, Shakilla admitted an inability to recall the precise number of partners she has been involved with. However, she did note that in the present year alone, her encounters numbered between 100 and 150 men.

Shakilla also outlined her expectations for a potential future spouse, emphasizing their financial affluence as a key criterion. She detailed her envisioned dowry, which encompasses a bride price of 20 million, 100 camels, a 450,000 shopping voucher, real estate holdings in her name, a 2020 Range Rover Velar, and a monthly allowance of 200,000.

In summary, Kenyan socialite Shakilla Tiffany has openly discussed her romantic inclinations, financial aspirations, and criteria for a future partner in a recent media interview. Her candid revelations shed light on her perspective on relationships and her unapologetic approach to her chosen lifestyle.