Tafadhali! Diana Marua orders Bahati to buy her new Range Rover and mansion -

Tafadhali! Diana Marua orders Bahati to buy her new Range Rover and mansion

Diana Marua, a popular content creator and YouTuber, has expressed her dissatisfaction with their current lifestyle and has been urging her musician husband, Bahati, to make some changes.

In a recent video uploaded on her YouTube channel, the mother of four requested that her husband buy her a new car, stating that her current Mercedes Benz and Prado are outdated.

Diana pointed out that Bahati no longer surprises her with extravagant gifts and questioned why he doesn’t do so anymore, especially considering that he can afford it.

The couple currently resides in a lavish and spacious mansion in Kamakis Ruiru. However, Diana expressed her desire to move to a new house, despite the fact that their current property still appears to be in excellent condition.

Bahati responded by mentioning, “She claims the gifts are outdated. The Mercedes is still new, the Prado is still new, the house is still new.”

In turn, Diana responded by saying, “Yes, while they may still be new, there are new car models and newly built houses. It’s not that I don’t appreciate what we have, but I know you are capable of more.”

She continued, “That’s why I’m coming to you. I want you to do it for me because I am your baby girl. I want you to elevate our status so that people can see that Diana is married to someone who is at the top.”

Bahati asked her what she specifically wanted, and Diana replied, “I want you to upgrade my phone, my house, and my cars. I desire an iPhone 14 Promax, a Range Rover for a car, and a larger mansion in Runda or Karen. Babe, I’m just expressing my frustrations.”