How "Washwash'' Business Operates In Kenya-The story of 'wash wash' cartels! -
How "Washwash'' Business Operates In Kenya-The story of 'wash wash' cartels!
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How “Washwash” Business Operates In Kenya-The story of ‘wash wash’ cartels!

You have often seen them. The vast majority of the occasions, they walk in groups wearing designer suits, and Rolex watches, driving German machines, drinking expensive liquor and mostly surrounded by gorgeous ladies.

However, many don’t have the foggiest idea how these individuals operate. Frequently, many people think that they simply deal with fake cash. Indeed, that is only a tip in the iceberg.

Wash’ is a term that emanated from brains washing which basically defines their exercises. Brainwashing has consistently been their main step to succeed. They make you believe that they have huge amounts of moneys through carrying on with a expensive way of life.

‘Wash wash’ cartel even go to the degree of hiring expensive vehicles from bazaars just to look like it and many times they succeed. ‘Wash’ business works in three unique strategies, the main being the fake cash trick.

This is the most well-known technique they use. They look for broke University students and jobless youths. The desperate youth will require money materials. It incorporates a compound for washing fake cash to real cash. For instance, for a hundred thousand material you will get it with Ksh10,000. This is typically a modest amount of money that can be afforded by the desperate guys.

The subsequent stage is changing the materials to cash. At the time you will have, you will have the 100000 material which are black fake notes. To transform them into real money, you’ll require a specialist to use the chemicals. This is the place where the con game starts. Generally, folks in the game spend practically 50k to finish the process. The guys will now believe they can turn their money themselves using the chemical. While reaching home, they turn but the fake money refuses to turn. They have been coned.The story of ‘wash wash’ cartels!