Does Big Nyash Pay Bills? Why Are Today’s Men So Obsessed With It? -

Does Big Nyash Pay Bills? Why Are Today’s Men So Obsessed With It?

A concerned woman has taken to TikTok to express her confusion over the current obsession that men have with big buttocks. She questioned why men place so much value on a woman’s physical appearance, specifically her behind, when it does not contribute to paying bills or building long-lasting relationships.

The woman stated that a large posterior is insignificant when it comes to marriage or any serious relationship, and men should prioritize more important qualities in a woman.

Furthermore, she expressed her concern that men from West African countries, particularly Nigerians, have an unhealthy fixation with women’s physical attractiveness. She questioned the logic of using a woman’s buttocks as a measure of success and future security.

The woman advised men to focus on their work and avoid objectifying women’s bodies. She recounted an incident where her male Nigerian friends repeatedly requested her to introduce them to women with large buttocks, causing her great embarrassment.

In conclusion, the woman’s message emphasizes the need for men to value women for more than just their physical appearance and to focus on building meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and shared values.