Zuchu Joins List Of Diamond Exes After Publicizing Their Break-up -

Zuchu Joins List Of Diamond Exes After Publicizing Their Break-up

The current buzz on social media is the phrase “Tulijua wataachana tu” following rumors that Zuchu and Diamond have called it quits. According to Bongo Trending news, Zuchu revealed the breakup during a TikTok live and asked fans not to tag her in Diamond’s videos.

She also deleted all of Diamond’s photos from her social media accounts, just days after showing off Valentine’s Day cards from him. This news comes as a shock, especially since Zuchu was recently referred to as “Bi. Harusi” (bride) by Diamond’s sister, leading many to believe a wedding was on the cards. Furthermore, Diamond had announced that he was ready for another child, leading many to believe that Zuchu could be the one to give him his fifth known child.

However, in the reality show Young Famous and African, Diamond revealed that he may have a child with another woman. Diamond is already a father to four known children, with three different baby mamas. He had his first two children with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan before they split up, and his third child with video vixen Hamisa Mobetto, with whom he was cheating on Zari.

Hamisa is the only baby mama for whom Diamond has been forced to pay child support, after a paternity test proved he was the father of their child, Dylan.