Otile Brown blames social media for the loss of his unborn child -

Otile Brown blames social media for the loss of his unborn child

Otile Brown has shattered the silence surrounding a heart-wrenching tragedy—the loss of his unborn child. The grief-stricken artist directs his blame towards social media, the very platform that connected him to his fans.

In an expression of anguish, Otile Brown holds social media responsible for the devastating loss of his unborn child. He admits, “Initially, I despised social media because it seemed to dislike me and convinced me that its negative energy was to blame… and I started to believe it, especially since I rarely share much about my personal life on social media. However, this time, in a moment of excitement, I impulsively decided to share the news, against the voice in my heart telling me not to. This decision left me burdened with guilt.”

The somber tale takes an even more heartbreaking turn as Otile Brown reveals the tragic news that their little one did not survive. Overwhelmed by pain, the singer finds solace in confiding in his legion of followers, delivering the devastating blow. He mournfully states, “Our baby didn’t make it. It seems like this year is no longer my favorite.”

To cope with the profound grief that consumes his heart, Otile Brown makes the difficult decision to wipe his Instagram canvas clean, perhaps seeking solace and privacy away from prying eyes. This act serves as a testament to the depth of his sorrow and the need for a refuge in this challenging time.