Kenyan nurse moves from Kayole bed-sitter to purchasing home, expensive cars in USA

Kimani Sheriff, a Kenyan nurse residing abroad, proudly took to Twitter to showcase his newly acquired residential property in the United States. Originally hailing from the Mtindwa area in Kayole, he once lived in a modest single-room space. Seeking better opportunities and a more fulfilling life, Kimani embarked on a journey that led him to homeownership.

Reflecting on his humble beginnings in Kayole and the single room in Mtindwa, Kimani expressed gratitude for his transformation into a homeowner in the US. He attributed his success to a higher power and acknowledged that the USA provided him with a second chance at life.

Kimani, who migrated to the US nearly 7 years ago as a nurse, had previously worked at the Mater Hospital in Nairobi, earning a monthly salary of Sh. 50,000 ($380). He viewed this remuneration as a slight to the hardworking and dedicated Kenyan nurses who tirelessly care for countless patients.

Expressing his sentiments, Kimani conveyed that he didn’t regret his decision to move to the USA, where he now earns $380 every 3 hours. He encouraged fellow Kenyan nurses to consider opportunities abroad, such as in the USA or UK, to gain valuable experience and better compensation.

Practicing his nursing profession in the US has afforded Kimani the ability to purchase two Lexus GX470s. In addition to his American acquisitions, he is reported to own a ‘kadudu’ and a Jeep Wrangler back in Kenya.

In the video shared, the front yard of Kimani’s new property thrives with freshly turned garden soil and well-maintained plants. Adjacent to the neatly arranged parking space for his prized vehicles, boxes brimming with goods await dispatch. Kimani has plans to send these packages to Kenya in the near future.