Mama Dang’ote: Diamond Has No Plans Of Marrying Zuchu, Wanachezeana na Kukulana Tu!

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Mama Dang’ote, recently addressed the much-discussed connection between her son and Zuchu in an exclusive interview with Wasafi Tv.

During the interview, Mama Dang’ote clarified that her son, Nasib or Diamond, is currently not married and remains single. She emphasized that Diamond has not introduced any lady to her as a potential spouse and has not expressed any intention to marry.

Mama Dang’ote openly declared her lack of knowledge about any romantic involvement between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu. According to her, the only relationship she is aware of is a professional one, where Diamond serves as Zuchu’s boss, and they often collaborate on hit songs and perform together.

Expressing her fondness for Zuchu, Mama Dang’ote mentioned that she considers Zuchu as a daughter. They spend time together, and Mama Dang’ote even extends gifts to her. However, when it comes to a romantic relationship with Diamond, the family is oblivious to any such connection.

Mama Dang’ote acknowledged that media coverage often creates speculations, citing instances where blogs link Diamond with various women. She expressed nonchalance towards such rumors, stating that it has become a common occurrence since her son embarked on his singing career.

Concluding the interview, Mama Dang’ote revealed that she is not pressuring Diamond to get married. She firmly believes that the right spouse is a gift from God and is confident that, in due time, Diamond will find a suitable wife who meets both his and her expectations. She remains optimistic about the divine timing of this significant event in her son’s life.