West Pokot Police officer on the spot for squeezing private parts of a suspect while in custody

A police officer in West Pokot County stands accused of assaulting and inflicting torture upon a man inside a cell at Kapenguria Police Station.

The victim, whose private parts, leg, and abdomen bore the brunt of the alleged torture, has revealed that he is now incapacitated, unable to walk due to severe injuries.

The Incident Involving Mwasame

On March 20, 2024, Nelson Mwasame, a 38-year-old father of four and a driver on the Kitale-Kapenguria route, commenced his usual work routine, setting off early from his residence in Kipsaina, Trans-Nzoia.

During his journey, passengers boarded his matatu vehicle, including a woman who got on at Kesogon stage B.

Mwasame recounts missing the woman’s request to alight at Talau Junction due to the loud volume of the radio, as she was seated at the back of the vehicle.

According to Mwasame, the lady became agitated and disembarked at Tartar Junction Weighbridge instead of her intended stop, hurling insults at him and alleging his incompetence.

The ensuing dispute led to verbal exchanges between Mwasame and the passenger, culminating in the woman reporting the incident to the police upon arrival in Kapenguria town.

Subsequently, Mwasame was apprehended for alleged verbal abuse by law enforcement officers and taken to Makutano police post before being transferred to Kapenguria police station later that night.

While detained at Kapenguria police station, Mwasame purportedly endured physical assault and torture at the hands of a police officer on duty.

Recounting his ordeal from his hospital bed at Kapenguria County Referral Hospital, Mwasame described being subjected to verbal humiliation, physical blows, and coercion to consume alcohol by the said officer.

The assailant reportedly interrogated Mwasame, accusing him of withholding bribes before resorting to violent measures, including physical coercion and pouring water on the cell floor, leaving Mwasame in a distressed state.

Mwasame’s condition deteriorated, prompting his transfer to Kapenguria Hospital under police escort, where he was subsequently released on bail.

Mwasame’s Plea for Justice

Expressing his plea for justice, Mwasame emphasized the severity of his injuries, lamenting the loss of his ability to walk and the profound impact on his livelihood as the sole provider for his family.

His wife, Rose Nelson, echoed his sentiments, highlighting the emotional and financial strain imposed on the family, with Mwasame’s incapacitation compounding their hardships.

Calls for Intervention

In light of the incident, Mwasame’s brother, Joseph, condemned the alleged assault as an act of impunity and urged relevant authorities to ensure accountability and redress for the victim.

Acknowledging the incident, West Pokot Sub County Police Commandant Kipkemoi Kirui assured that investigations were underway, reaffirming the commitment to uphold the rule of law and hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions.

Kirui emphasized the importance of ensuring the victim’s cooperation in the investigation process while underscoring the imperative of impartiality and adherence to due process in handling the case.

He affirmed that appropriate disciplinary measures would be taken against the implicated officer if found guilty, reiterating the police force’s commitment to upholding integrity and accountability within its ranks.