“Kuwa malaya kwa kitanda ,wazungu are nasty in bed” akothee To Kenyan girls -

“Kuwa malaya kwa kitanda ,wazungu are nasty in bed” akothee To Kenyan girls

Akothee, a Kenyan musician, recently made a controversial claim in a post that she later deleted. She stated that the reason she attracts wealthy Wazungu men is because she is unpleasant in bed. According to her, most Wazungu men prefer women who exhibit nasty behavior in bed and have fetishes.

Akothee further claims that the majority of Wazungu men are attracted to brainy and prostitute types of women. She believes that these men want someone who has business concepts after leaving the bedroom. Akothee also made fun of Kenyan girls for being overly religious and not being able to find mzungu men who share their beliefs.

Despite the backlash she received, Akothee insists that she knows what she’s talking about. She has dated over five wealthy Wazungu men, and two of them are the fathers of her children. Therefore, she considers herself an expert on the topic of advice-giving.

It remains to be seen whether Kenyan females will follow Akothee’s advice to attract wealthy Wazungu men. Only time will tell if her controversial comments will have any impact on their dating preferences.

In conclusion, Akothee’s claims have sparked a debate on social media. While some people disagree with her, others believe that she might have a point. Regardless of where one stands on the issue, it is important to remember that everyone has their own preferences and should be respected for them.