Kibet Maritim: Bomet Chicken Seller Returns to School, Scores 350 Marks in KCPE After D+ in KCSE, wants to Become a Lawyer

At the age of 33 and a father to a child, Kibet Maritim bravely decided to re-enter the realm of education, proving that the pursuit of one’s dreams knows no age limits.

Having graduated from Form Four more than a decade ago, Maritim found himself discontent with the D+ grade he had earned in the KCSE exam.

Undaunted by the passage of time and life’s hurdles, he embarked on a courageous journey to rekindle his educational ambitions. Fueled by the aspiration to become a lawyer, he re-enrolled in primary school and sat for the Class Eight exam (KCPE) in 2023, achieving an impressive score of 350 marks.

Maritim’s educational journey commenced in 2005 when he completed his KCPE exam at Merigi Primary School in the Bomet East constituency, garnering 278 marks. Unfortunately, financial constraints compelled him to leave Olbutyo Secondary School in Form Two.

Unyielding, he joined Kyogong High School, ultimately attaining a D+ in the KCSE exam in 2009. Recounting his experience, Mr. Maritim shared, “I studied independently at home for over a year before seeking an opportunity at Kyogong High School as a third-year student in the second term. I passed the entrance exam and worked diligently as a student. However, I could only manage a D+ in the KCSE exams.”

Discontented with the results, his dream was momentarily deferred. Turning to the business of selling chickens and eggs by the roadside in Bomet, he faced the challenges of an uncertain trade, selling an average of five chickens a day, sometimes returning home without making any sales for 13 years.

Despite these hardships, the burning desire to revive his educational aspirations persisted, and now there is hope of realizing them.