2 Tycoons Compete for ‘Athiak Dau Riak’ 19 year old girl’s Affection, Offer Millions in Dowry for Marriage

Athiak Dau Riak, a 19-year-old hailing from South Sudan, has captured the online world’s attention with her remarkable height of 7 feet.

Her marital prospects have swiftly become a subject of fervent discussion, as two affluent suitors vie for her affections.

In this spirited contest, Athiak finds herself caught between Marial Garang Jiel and Chol Marol Deng, both vying for her hand in marriage. The stakes are high, with one suitor offering a dowry of 105 cows and 65 million South Sudanese pounds (equivalent to $20,000), while the other’s bid remains undisclosed, though rumors hint at a lavish proposal of 350 cows or more, accompanied by a Toyota V6 and a four-bedroom residence for Athiak’s family.

The climax of this matrimonial saga is eagerly anticipated at a cattle camp in Jonglei State, where negotiations will reach their zenith.

In Dinka tradition, marriage transcends mere courtship; it is a union deeply entrenched in the characters and familial backgrounds of the betrothed. Once compatibility is established, families convene to deliberate on the union’s feasibility. When a girl is deemed particularly fetching, multiple suitors may emerge, igniting a competition for her hand.

Kuol Bol Ayom, a venerable authority on cultural practices, underscores the significance of such marriage competitions within Dinka Bor customs. He elucidates that these rituals not only showcase the bride’s beauty, stature, and virtues but also reflect the esteemed lineage and integrity of the families involved.