You Are An Idiot, Do You Even Pay My Bills?" - Muthoni Wa Mukiri Badly Blasts Bullies.
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“You Are An Idiot, Do You Even Pay My Bills?” – Muthoni Wa Mukiri Badly Blasts Bullies.

Former Inooro TV News Anchor, Muthoni Wa Mukiri has come out to address the issue of cyber bullying.

Muthoni, during one of her sessions on Facebook told off keyboard warriors saying that they should unfollow her or even block her if they don’t like what she posts.

‘I was trolled so much and told so many nasty things about my private parts, my parents my in-laws and even my boyfriend.”

“Bullies do not realize that such nasty comments affect even the people around me.”

“Some things are so nasty that if someone said them face to face I would definitely slap them.”

She added that most of the trolls go to an extent of even body shaming her, telling her that she should give birth first.

‘I have in the past been told niende nikazae kwanza, Mayai yangu inawahusu nini?”

“There is an un-follow or block button, so If you don’t subscribe to my thinking and what I post please use those buttons.’ she stated.

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