Muthoni Mukiri Reveals How Crash With Ruto's Supporters Boosted Her business

Muthoni Mukiri Reveals How Crash With Ruto’s Supporters Boosted Her business

Former Inooro TV anchor person Muthoni Mukiri claims that an internet crush with deputy President William Ruto’s supporters was of incredible benefits to her business.

On her assertion after she activated her Facebook page, the former TV girl has said that she made the best deals ever of wigs compared with different days.

She said that numerous deliveries were made toward the beginning of the day and along with her sales team made some huge sales of wigs that they had.

Muthoni went ahead and stated to never apologize for the post she updated on her Facebook account which made her crash with UDA Party supporters.

She expressed that there was nothing out of the ordinary about the post and she doesn’t have anything to apologize for. She also challenged Ruto’s supporters who were annoyed by her post to unfollow her page and also threatened to block any person who will make negative comments on her updates.