Vera Sidika dragged online for flaunting her daughter Asia’s KSh 500k babycot -

Vera Sidika dragged online for flaunting her daughter Asia’s KSh 500k babycot

Renowned for her opulent lifestyle, Vera Shikwekwe, famously known as Vera Sidika, stands as one of Kenya’s most affluent socialites. Just a few months after welcoming her second child, this curvaceous mother of two is resolute in providing her offspring with the finest life has to offer.

This steadfast commitment led her to recently import an exquisite baby cot from the United Kingdom for her daughter, Asia Brown. Given her status as a public figure, Vera Sidika felt the urge to keep her fans and followers in the loop about her latest extravagant acquisition. Taking to Instagram, she shared a series of photographs showcasing her daughter’s luxurious and lavish crib. Alongside the images, she divulged the price, which was a staggering KSh 500,000, attributing this significant expense to her belief that her daughter deserves nothing short of the utmost luxury, being a true princess.

In her Instagram caption, she expressed, “The KSh 500k babycot from the UK is totally worth it!!! Royal and unique. Room fit for a princess Asia Brown.” This post elicited a flurry of excitement from her online supporters, who flocked to the comments section to shower her with praise for her devotion and care as a mother.

However, amidst the congratulations and accolades for her parenting efforts, a segment of Kenyan citizens harbored differing viewpoints. Within the comments section, a number of netizens accused her of constantly seeking attention on every available occasion. They critiqued her for potentially fabricating the price of her baby’s cot, suggesting that her wealth might not be as substantial as she portrays it to be.

Some went further by bringing up her financial obligations, pointing out instances where she had not fulfilled her debts. Notably, comedian Akuku Danger’s name emerged in this context. Reportedly, Vera Sidika owed him KSh 5,000 for services rendered during one of her events, specifically sound system and emceeing services. Critics contended that if she truly possessed the wealth she claims, settling such a relatively small debt should have been effortless.

It came to light that Akuku Danger had exposed Vera Sidika for failing to remit the KSh 5,000 payment. Vera Sidika, in her defense, acknowledged the debt but argued that she couldn’t pay it because the services provided didn’t meet her expectations for the event. Ultimately, a local celebrity intervened and cleared the debt on her behalf, bringing an end to the dispute.