Kenyans want Nyashinski to Sing about”Unga!”

Nyashinski is a house hold name, wake me up
from a sweet dream and ask me who he is, i’ll
even tell you where he lived in USA.
He literally killed us last month by releasing two
hit songs “Malaika” and “Aminia” in a day which
was received with love across the world, he

even performed them at a memorial day to
Kenyans living in the States.
I’m not shocked that he still wants to go back in
studio to record or maybe he has recorded
another hit song and wants to surprise us yet
The last three weeks has not been easy for
Kenyans due to scarcity of the precious
commodity, unga, we even saw a video that
went viral showing people fighting for unga in a
supermarket, the debate has been here and
Kenyans think solving the problem would be
through our legendary Nyash releasing a song
about it.
He took to his Facebook page and asked his
fans what we’d like the next song to be about;Ooooh boy, I can’t deal;
Check out what fans had in mind;
Eddy Vinci Jnr: Unauliza?,,,, UNGA UNGA UNGA
Krank Idd: Drop about water and Unga man
Jahliz Inka Junior: ungaaaaa….. ndaniiiiii
Chadwick Deshadroz Chedyq: #Unga
Belinda Belbebz: Unga
David Ndolloh: Unga
Mato Matreezee: Unga

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