CITIZEN TV Hacked, The Hackers Organized A Live Event As Kenyans React-Photos

Citizen TV is one of the famous media station in Kenya and is one with the most followers on YouTube and on their other media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google.

The media station has been trending on Twitter after the Hackers from Crypto currency exchange traders based in US, hacked their YouTube channel and organized a live event on how to do a crypto currency trade.

This took them more than thirty minutes to bring back their account as the Reports alleged that the US based hackers also did that to Inooro Tv.

The Kenyans have dug deep into the issue as they are worried how a channel with over 3.24M subscribers can be hacked. They also said that the upcoming artists aren’t safe as these hackers can tamper with their accounts.

Many people also inquired the work of their digital strategist saying that he need to know his work and prevent such things from Happening.

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