Kenyas President Dr William Ruto: There is No sacred cows in this fertilizer scandal

President William Ruto sternly addressed individuals implicated in the counterfeit fertilizer scandal, warning them of severe legal repercussions during his speech in Nyeri town. Accusing them of undermining the agricultural sector with fake products, he assured that they would face the consequences.

The government’s response to the scandal has been marked by conflicting statements, with Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi initially denying the presence of counterfeit fertilizers in the market.

President Ruto emphasized the impartiality of the investigation, affirming that no one, regardless of their stature, would be exempt from prosecution. He stressed the importance of ensuring genuine fertilizers to support food security and alleviate the cost of living for citizens.

In addition to addressing the fertilizer issue, President Ruto reiterated his administration’s commitment to combating alcoholism and drug abuse, prioritizing public health over popularity. He encouraged fellow leaders to prioritize the greater good and not fear unpopular decisions.

During his speech at ACK St Peters Cathedral in Nyeri town, President Ruto, accompanied by his deputy Rigathi Gachagua, acknowledged the importance of making tough decisions for the nation’s welfare. He urged leaders to emulate this approach and seek guidance from the church in addressing societal challenges.

Mr. Gachagua appealed for unity among church leaders in the region as they prepared to elect a new bishop and encouraged President Ruto to seek counsel from Bishop Joseph Kagunda, who was being celebrated for his service.

President Ruto expressed gratitude for the church’s support of government initiatives and emphasized the role of spirituality in overcoming national hurdles, particularly citing the need for divine intervention in addressing banditry in the Rift Valley region.

Highlighting economic progress, President Ruto noted a reduction in the cost of living and stable currency value, attributing these achievements to effective policy implementation. He pledged continued efforts to further lower prices of essential goods.

President Ruto’s speech underscored his administration’s determination to uphold accountability, prioritize public health, and seek spiritual guidance in addressing national challenges while advancing economic prosperity.