“Your fellow mates are selling their bodies and building mansions: Sad as an angry father tells his daughter who asked for money for upkeep

A leaked Instagram conversation has sparked a range of reactions on social media involving a Nigerian father and his 20-year-old daughter, purportedly a student at Nasarawa Polytechnic.

In the disclosed exchange, the daughter appealed to her father for financial support to sustain herself. In an unexpected twist, the father responded harshly, suggesting that she resort to selling her body for money, using local colloquial language to convey such actions. He further emphasized that her peers were achieving significant milestones like purchasing homes for their parents, contrasting her perceived lack of contribution.

The leaked dialogue has prompted varied responses among internet users.

@cacagents speculated, “Perhaps his father remarried, not an ideal response from a responsible father, but lacking the complete information; may she find assistance or a way out.”

@naturalboifilmz characterized it as a “typical African dad,” criticizing the absence of empathy, emotional intelligence, and accountability. He remarked, “Whenever I encounter such a father, I can’t thank God enough for my own fortune. May your soul rest in peace, DAD.”

@bright___r questioned the parental responsibility, stating, “If you can’t care for a child, why bring them into the world? Some African parents must learn to provide for their children; that’s your duty! No one compelled you to have a child!”

@Jessica_Egbedi expressed dismay, pondering the impact of a meager sum, “God have mercy… What can 4k do for someone in a month?”

@salawueedris1 expressed gratitude for their late father, acknowledging his efforts, “Alhamdulilah for my late father. He did his best. May Almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Al janah Fridaus.”

@Denix001 humorously commented on the father’s writing skills but criticized his mentality, saying, “Your father writes well, he even uses punctuation correctly, but he has the ‘follow man or do ashewo’ mentality and can’t provide for you? Serious play going on.”