My One Night Stand With A Bolt Driver , I’m HIV Positive

Everyline Ndinda’s story is profoundly unsettling, as it sheds light on the desperate measures she resorted to in order to secure financial support. Her narrative serves as a sobering reflection of contemporary society, revealing how challenging circumstances can compel individuals to make unexpected decisions to make ends meet.

In an interview with an online media outlet, Everyline recounted her harrowing experience in 2022. At that time, she found herself in dire straits, grappling with financial hardship while bearing the responsibility of her entire family. What made her situation even more dire was her struggle to afford essential medical care due to her HIV-positive status.

Given her dire circumstances, Everyline felt that her only viable option was to seek financial assistance from a benefactor. She turned to a dating application and encountered a particular man with whom she struck an agreement. Their arrangement stipulated that they would meet for an intimate encounter, and in return, the man would provide her with Ksh.15,000.

As the scheduled meeting day arrived, the man sent a rideshare driver to collect Everyline. The cost of the ride amounted to Ksh.1,500. However, upon reaching the designated meeting location, the man ceased answering calls, leaving Everyline stranded and anxious.

The rideshare driver began pressuring her to settle the fare, but she was penniless. After negotiations, she reluctantly agreed to pay him by engaging in a compromising situation within the confines of the car. They engaged in an intimate encounter to cover the ride’s cost. Following their encounter, the driver claimed to have insufficient fuel to return her home, leaving Everyline with no choice but to use a service called “Fuliza” to secure Ksh.180 for her journey back.

Upon her return home, Everyline immediately reached out to the man on the dating application, seeking an explanation for his abrupt disappearance. To her astonishment, she discovered that the rideshare driver was, in fact, the very man she was supposed to meet. It became evident that he had deliberately deceived her to engage in an intimate encounter without compensating her as initially agreed. Everyline was left disheartened and betrayed by this turn of events, as she never received the promised Ksh.15,000. This is a decision she deeply regrets, but it has served as a profound lesson for her.