Kenyan Men Last Minutes in Bed, Nigerians Last Hours – Shakilla Criticizes Kenyan Men -

Kenyan Men Last Minutes in Bed, Nigerians Last Hours – Shakilla Criticizes Kenyan Men

Kenyan social influencer Shakilla Tifanny has openly expressed her preference for dating Nigerian men instead of Kenyan men.

In a recent interview with Mpasho, conducted on a Thursday evening, the 23-year-old influencer hinted at several reasons for her preference, citing dissatisfaction with Kenyan men.

Among the reasons she provided, she asserted that Kenyan men tend to be less generous with their finances, lack a distinct physical appearance, and struggle with endurance in intimate relationships.

Shakilla remarked, “Kenyan men often display a lack of generosity, and they often share a similar appearance that lacks handsomeness.”

Expanding on her viewpoint, she emphasized, “The aspect of stinginess is particularly noteworthy. Kenyan men are less inclined to provide financial support directly; they may prefer compensating indirectly. Additionally, their performance in intimate situations tends to be brief, unlike the sustained endurance observed in Nigerian men.”

The young socialite, aged 23, also expressed that a significant number of Kenyan men are entangled in marriages, leading her to conceal her own relationships. In contrast, she desires to openly showcase her partner.

“Kenyan men typically exhibit hesitation in financially supporting travel expenses, often inundating one with questions before consenting,” she stated.

Without reservation, Shakilla admitted to being drawn to financial prosperity and acknowledged her inclination to request financial assistance from men.

“I have no reservations about requesting financial assistance frequently. Presently, I’m experiencing financial constraints. Yes, I’m candid about seeking financial stability,” she acknowledged.

Furthermore, the 23-year-old influencer implied that she values her self-worth at a valuation exceeding 2 million Kenyan Shillings.

Addressing the question of her intimate partners, when asked about the number of men she has been involved with, she confessed that counting was a challenge due to the high number.

“I believe I’ve been engaged with fewer than 100, maybe fewer than 150,” she estimated.

She also revealed that she had been involved with multiple partners within the current year.

“It’s been since February that I haven’t been intimate with anyone,” she concluded.