“Marry Her”:Netizens Tell MP Peter Salasya After Spotting Him With A Lady

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has excited netizens after spotting him with a beautiful lady, with many urging him to marry her.

Salasya was excited as he vibed to Tito M and Yuppe song, Tshawala Bam with the unidentified lady. Netizens were impressed by them offering their wishes to the MP urging him not to let the her go but marry her. In a video shared on his Instagram page, the funny lawmaker was spotted with the lady in a fancy hotel as he enjoyed a cup of coffee. He noted that the lady had taught him a dance and his fans were not ready for the new gained skills.

“In a corporate, I met her and she taught me how to dance. Members kesho ni moto sana hii dance challenge,” he captioned the short clip as he enjoyed the new dance while seated.

A fan named Kelly Priceless was amused by the clip and she could not resist to question the MP, if he had found a lover already. She noted that the he seemed happy being around the lady.

“Heeh…umepata mpoa ama bado mhesh?” she jokingly asked the lawmaker, while speculating that he could found his significant other.

Here are some of the comments from netizens;

@nyambura9560 “Lakini ile vaibu Salasya hukuwa nayo, wacha tu”

@gladokimeto “Hii imeenda

@official_shazz_ke _“Marry her”

@nzaywa “Nilie umeenda ama kuna hopes Wanga trustee”

@evans_chesire “Chukua huyu sasa

@margaret.burudi.96 “Hii imeenda ivyo tu”

@partystreet_qa “Hii imeenda