“Hundreds Stuck With Children”: Eric Omondi Asks kenyan Gov’t To Act As Floods Wreak Havoc

Renowned Kenyan comedian turned activist, Eric Omondi, has raised his voice against the government’s inaction in aiding Nairobi residents grappling with the devastating effects of floods.

As torrential rains persist, causing floods in various parts of the nation, countless individuals have been displaced, and there have been heartbreaking reports of loss of life. Omondi is urgently calling upon the government to prioritize the rescue of residents stranded along the Athi River before it becomes too late.

Taking to his Instagram platform, Omondi expressed his profound disappointment with the government’s lack of response to the plight of flood victims.

“The Kenyan government must swiftly intervene in Mangeli, Athi River before it’s too late. A calamity is imminent. Families are clinging to rooftops, and time is running out,” cautions Eric Omondi.

“We managed to rescue 34 people today from 8:30 am to 11:00 am, but there are still hundreds stranded, including children, and the threat of disaster looms large.”

Omondi has been actively showcasing the ongoing rescue operations spearheaded by himself and other volunteers, underscoring the critical nature of the situation. With lives hanging in the balance, Omondi highlights the government’s skewed priorities, citing discussions revolving around presidential term limits and the appointment of government officials, while lives are being lost.

“Last night, we saved a mother and her three children in Ruiru’s OJ region. Our priorities are completely askew. This government seems to only prioritize its own interests. Instead of addressing the pressing issue of flood relief, they are preoccupied with presidential term limits and bureaucratic appointments, while people are perishing.”

Eric Omondi’s Instagram videos vividly depict the dire conditions faced by those affected by the floods, urging the government to take immediate and decisive action.