”My Husband Destroyed My Beauty By Removing My Eye, Nilikuwa Mrembo ”

The narrative of Maureen, a Kenyan woman, unfolds as a poignant tale of resilience amidst adversity. Born into a modest background, being the eldest in her family denied her the opportunity for formal education, leading to her marriage at the tender age of 15.

Opting to marry her best friend, Maureen’s life took an unforeseen turn when the once amiable companion transformed into her worst adversary. Blessed with four children, the family faced financial challenges, prompting Maureen to make the bold decision to relocate to the city in search of better opportunities.

This choice didn’t sit well with her insecure husband, who, within a week of her departure, introduced a co-wife. Shocked by this revelation, Maureen returned home only to find herself ensnared in a harrowing crime. Her husband and the new wife had orchestrated a plan to harm her, driven by his insecurity over her move to Nairobi.

Upon her return, Maureen endured a brutal attack, during which her husband viciously mutilated her face, robbing her of an eye, and severed her fingers. He then falsely reported her death to the police. Fortunately, through a stroke of luck and the dedicated efforts of medical professionals, Maureen’s life was spared. However, the scars, both physical and emotional, took considerable time to heal, leaving her beauty irreparably altered.

Determined to forge a new path, Maureen decided to sever ties with marriage, taking on the responsibility of raising her four children independently. Despite the challenges, she embarked on a journey of self-sufficiency. Working as a cleaner in a hotel, she also received support from a compassionate individual who enabled her to purchase a motorbike.

With an unwavering optimism, Maureen persists in her efforts to overcome adversity. She believes that, one day, her resilience and hard work will lead to a brighter future for herself and her children.