Justina Syokau: Single Mothers Tutaolewa Na International Rich Men Kama Akothee

Earlier this year, Justina Syokau made a revelation that she is currently single and actively searching for a financially prosperous man who can fulfill her desires for a luxurious lifestyle.

In her own words, Justina Syokau expressed, “Mwanaume ananitaka sahii akuje aninunulie nyumba. A big house with a huge compound is all I need.”

The talented artist, known for her hit song “Twendi Twendi,” shared her experience of being trapped in an abusive marriage with a partner who was unfaithful and eventually expelled her and their child from their home.

Despite the intervention of their respective families in an attempt to reconcile, the singer’s ex-husband remained hostile and uncooperative, making it impossible to salvage their relationship.

Miss Syokau revealed that she never anticipated her spouse’s repetitive infidelity, and even during her pregnancy, he frequently evicted them from their residence.

Nonetheless, influenced by their parents’ encouragement to work things out, she persisted in her efforts to salvage the marriage. Unfortunately, the relationship deteriorated to a point where she became a single mother.

“I would often catch him with other women, but I held onto the hope that he would change. Many people prayed for us, but our circumstances remained unchanged,” she shared.

This period was undoubtedly challenging for the singer. However, her unwavering determination and passion for music propelled her towards recovery, and she has now established herself as a successful musician.

Through her Facebook page, Justina Syokau extended her happiness and support to all single mothers in Kenya, citing Akothee as an example of hope. She expressed her belief that one day they will find love and get married, emphasizing that if Kenyan men do not step forward, they can seek relationships with wealthy international men.