Female University Student Reveals How She is Making Millions Selling Rosecoco Online To Pay School Fees

A Kenyan university student recently captured the attention of the internet by candidly disclosing her unconventional means of income: selling nude photographs online. In an interview with Reyo TV, the young woman, whose identity remained concealed along with her visage, divulged the details of her online venture.

Coming from a financially disadvantaged background, she recounted her mother’s toil in supporting her education by undertaking laundry jobs for others. Despite the odds, she excelled in her KCSE exams and secured a scholarship to attend one of Kenya’s premier universities.

However, financial constraints persisted, posing challenges in affording her upkeep and maintaining a desirable appearance. Seeking guidance from a friend who seemed to effortlessly embrace the latest fashion trends and sustain a lavish lifestyle, she discovered the friend’s secret: selling nude images to international clients through specialized online platforms.

Embracing this unconventional avenue, the student found her life transformed. The lucrative nature of the business provided her with substantial income, enabling her to support her family financially by sending money home to her mother and contributing to her siblings’ education expenses.

Through platforms like PayPal, she receives considerable sums for her content, facilitating a lifestyle she once only dreamed of. Despite societal stigmas attached to such work, she expressed contentment with her newfound prosperity and the lifestyle it affords her.

Reports suggest that many women engaged in similar ventures can earn upwards of Ksh. 100,000 monthly, reflecting the substantial financial opportunities available in this realm.