Here is MOSES KURIA’s reaction after WILLIAM KABOGO endorsed RAILA ODINGA in August.

Raila Odinga got a significant boost on Saturday after former Kiambu former kiambu governor, William Kabogo, supported his presidential bid in August.

Kabogo, who was at first supporting Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid, changed the tune and asked Kiambu occupants to support Riala Odinga in August.

“Na Mimi namwomba wafuasi wa Raila Odinga, ukipigia Raila Odinga pigia gavana Kabogo,” Kabogo said.

Responding to Kabogo’s turn, Kuria asked the Tujibebe Wakenya Party leader to formally pronounce that he has joined Azimio La Umoja Movement as opposed to being a fence sitter.

“Pick your side as there is no perfect house. Declare your political stand and don’t sit on the fence. Stop using grievances as excuses to bolt out. He should declare if he is in Azimio. Those who are don’t hide and still have their votes, let him leave. Time is up there is no third horse. He is my friend and my brother and I wish him well,” Kuria said.