Justina Syokau allegedly dumped by ex husband for her s*x addiction

Gospel artist Justina Syokau has been candid about her failed marriage, which she recently ended after enduring years in the role of ‘wife.’

According to Syokau, she left her matrimonial home due to relentless infidelity that she could no longer tolerate.

“Aside from constant beatings, he often humiliated me in front of his family,” Syokau shared in a past interview with Obinna. “He would disappear for days, leaving me with no money for food. He always consulted his mother and followed her instructions. I had no voice in the family, even though I was the wife.”

However, in a recent interview with SPM, Ringtone presented a different perspective. According to him, Syokau was allegedly abandoned by her husband due to her purported sex addiction. Ringtone claimed to have learned this from a pastor who knows Syokau personally.

“Justina was left because she loves sex. She loves spending time in the bedroom,” Ringtone stated.

When a journalist asked why he continues to reject Syokau despite her interest in settling down with him, Ringtone explained that she is not his type.

“The kind of woman I want to marry is one I can spend time preaching with,” Ringtone said. “But she (Justina) is sick, she’s addicted. Even the pastor told me Justina separated from her husband because of her addiction. She has a sex addiction,” he concluded.